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Podcasting is...
the haunting fear that someone, somewhere
may be subscribed to Alex Jones

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For March 2021, here’s how Podcasting Had a Good Run:

Podcasting’s parthenogenesis of culture
The cult leader of Perfume Nationalism proved that simple audio files can incite straight guys to appreciate perfume, for heaven’s sake. Who will be next in conjuring culture out of sound?
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Wondery? More like Fuckery
Wondery – some sort of podcast studio – did what anyone could fairly have predicted and sold out. Did any of its podcast creators benefit?
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The melted Walkman
The ultimate case of an unseen companion whispering in one’s ears, the podcast you listen to with nobody noticing is the Walkman melting into your own humours
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All podcasts are subcultures
That’s why the lamestream media now needs to destroy them
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All this has happened before
So quit being dumb enough to let it happen to you
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1236 2,040
Esteemed colleague Marc Weisblott is a living test case for podcast players, and is a capital fellow overall
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Counterrevolutionary podcast of the month

Snoopy, with rouged cheeks and with a pink bow in his hair, grins happily as he hugs a Bible

Trans Regret Snoopy Presents the Bible

Wielding the greatest nom de guerre since Biggie Smalls as if it were a crucifix (cf. Carlo in Earthly Powers), Trans Regret Snoopy Presents the Bible (RSS) does what it, and he, say. Snoopy offers highly articulate articulations of Bible verses and messages. His guests derive from an entire world – a demimonde, one might say – of alterna-Christ podcasting that I did not know existed.

Updated: 2021.03.25