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Sponsorships & contributions

You can pay to hate-read Podcasting Had a Good run.

20th-century support method
You can just PayPal any amount of cash. All contributions are confidential.
21st-century support method
Maybe I’ll come to regret this, but I signed myself up for Dave Rubin’s (and Jordan Peterson’s?) Locals.com. You have a number of support options there, the most available of which are monthly stipends of $20 and $50. (No, not five bucks.)

Sponsoring the RSS feed

Companies and individuals may pay to sponsor the site’s RSS feed, which allows readers competent enough to actually subscribe to that feed to read Had a Good Run articles for free.

Months in which no sponsors step up to the plate do not carry full-text RSS feeds.

Corporate sponsorships

Companies large or small are invited to sponsor Podcasting Had a Good Run.

No nonaggression pacts

I positively will not agree, even tacitly, not to cover or critique my competitors. There will be no gentlemen’s agreement, as with television and newspapers, not to report on the competition.

Better yet, my competitors will be invited to become sponsors. Further, none of this means we’ll be on particularly bad terms. I’ll eat you for breakfast then take you to lunch.

Updated: 2021.03.25