PODCASTING had a good run

Tracking culture & grift in the demimonde of podcasting

Podcasting is...
worth substantially less more than five Patreon bucks a month


This project is in no respect a general-interest podcasting “newsletter.” I’ll be covering a small handful of themes.


As distinct from mere fandom (which even complete trash like El Chapo Trap House can boast of), podcasting has now begun to beget actual culture in the real world.


Who’s getting rich offa podcasting? It’s not you, is it?


Some podcasts and some podcasters have been and will continue to be banished, deleted, unpersoned. That’s happening at every level, from hosting to podcasting apps to the middlemen who take a vig on your supporters’ contributions.

I fear this will be a futile task, but I will attempt to explain to Americans that it’s still censorship even if your federal government isn’t doing it.

Moreover, podcast specifications must be upgraded to remove the incentive to censor, among other goals.


Podcasts must be archived, and those archives preserved and migrated when necessary for posterity.

All this has happened before

Every ill effect that has befallen or now befalls podcasting already happened to umpteen other online media. I just need you to stop being dumb enough to let it happen to you.

Updated: 2021.03.25